24"/20" ALUMINUM "BIG WHEEL" SCOOTER - Lightweight Amish Adult Foot Bi – Saving Shepherd
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24"/20" ALUMINUM "BIG WHEEL" SCOOTER - Lightweight Amish Adult Foot Bike

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Authentic Lancaster, PA
24/20" Aluminum Amish Kick Scooter
We're proud to offer these excellent kick scooters which are manufactured in a primitive Amish machine shop in Lancaster Pennsylvania.
Made from Aluminum, this is a lightweight version of our popular 24/20" model and a favorite with commuters or anyone with stairs! It comes in weighing 7 pounds less than its steel brother at a total of 20 pounds. Much easier to load and unload from vehicles, carry and gets better MilesPerPed.
These very cool vehicles are a primary way of commuting for all ages in Amish communities for many reasons.
  Manufactured for safety and speed and with a low center of gravity make them easy to ride in any attire.
Have fun – Get Fit – Go Green.
These are an excellent alternative to biking … a clean & green means of transportation and the coolest, most fun way of exercising!
This is a Fantastic, Adult model Featuring:
 24" Inch front Tire / 20" Rear
85 PSI Racing Wheels & Air Tires
Rear Foot Brake, Front Hand Brake and Metal Basket
250 LB Weight Limit
These fabulous scooters are manufactured individually without modern amenities like electricity – made for fun and use, but built to last unlike those offered in stores.
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