PAIR (2) of HEART SHAPED CHEESE MOLDS Punched Tin Baskets in Smokey Bl – Saving Shepherd
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PAIR (2) of HEART SHAPED CHEESE MOLDS Punched Tin Baskets in Smokey Black Finish

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Smokey Black Finish
This pair consists of two medium sized versions of our popular Heart Shaped Molds - reproductions of classic antique cheese molds which adorned many a country kitchen.  These will most certainly become worthy additions to whichever room you decide to grace with their simple yet stylish elegance!
Simply designed to be displayed in a variety of ways to allow for a simple, yet enjoyable change -
  • Equipped with an attached handle, they can easily be displayed on your wall or kitchen island rack
  • They have a flat bottom to make a gorgeous table display (surround a candle with some potpourri &/or seasonal garnish)
  • Lay them on their side to enhance a small candle
Any way you choose to display, you will love the ambiance these classic heart-shaped cheese molds brings to your country decor.
Perfect in kitchens, bedrooms, powder rooms, and almost any room in your home!
All of our punched tin, wrought iron and country lighting offerings are individually handcrafted with old world craftsmanship, quality and style.
Each Measures:
3.25"h x 6.75"w x 6.25"d

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